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map7 Consulting e. U. is your specialist for electronic data exchange! Whether you want to share information with your business partners or within the company – we have the right solution for you. Together we optimize your processes and provide the required infrastructure, adjusted to your specific requirements.

On the following pages you find more information about our service portfolio

Data Interchange

Data Interchange

Connecting business partners efficiently over the long term



Integrating data and processes intelligently

cloud-based EDI

cloud-based EDI

Exchanging data with your partners faster and more cost-effectively

additional services

additional services

24/7 service and guideline compilation complete our portfolio

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is the logical consequence of using modern information and communication technologies in enterprises. Paper documents are replaced by electronic documents and data exchange with your business partners employs standard formats – independent of communication protocols or transmission media.

The EDI implementations of map7 Consulting are not subject to specific technologies – instead we place great emphasis on solutions which are perfectly optimized for the needs of your business and/or industry.

In the global environment of an enterprise the resources “time” and “information” are becoming increasingly important. Quick and reliable communications, together with fast response to new demands, become strategic advantages. Our solutions help you achieve these and even more:

  • Greater flexibility in daily communication with your business partners
  • Reduced processing times, as messages are processed instantaneously and automatically
  • Reduced effort for data entry and thereby reduced error rates
  • Cost reduction through automation

Procedure for an EDI project with map7 Consulting e. U.

  • Analysis of processes to be optimized
  • Determination of a schedule
  • Project team set-up
  • Definition of the first (test) partner
  • Technical implementation (if necessary also by individual solutions)
  • Implementation
  • Connection tests with selected business partners
  • Training
  • Further optimization which may result from project progress

EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

With our services in the EAI sector we provide in-house and seamless exchange of information. Data and processes from various applications and different locations are subsumed into one IT infrastructure.

EAI is a reliable and cost-effective concept for companies with heterogeneous IT applications. Information from different locations and/or departments is linked by a stable system infrastructure. The possibilities of integration thereby range from simple data exchange to automated workflows.


The coupling of IT systems provides a number of advantages:

  • Lower costs due to automation and shorter processing times
  • Data consistency through the utilization of master data
  • Reduced administrative and maintenance costs due to less interfaces
  • EAI provides the basis for CRM, SCM, etc…..
  • Supplement to B2B and EDI processes

cloud7 – Loving your data

In many sectors, the use of EDI has become a key prerequisite in establishing business relationships. This means many companies must now decide whether to invest in system solutions, perform updates on existing solutions or fall back on an outsourcing approach. However it is not only investment costs that need to be considered, but also the personnel resources required for an internal solution, which also entail costs.

With 'cloud7 – B2B', map7 Consulting delivers an outsourcing solution that enables you to handle in full any tasks you are faced with in the EDI area. We link up your internal systems and connect your business partners, giving you access to our portal so that you can monitor all data and processes; you have full control at all times thanks to a comprehensive reporting system.

'cloud7' functions as middleware, which means it is the communications endpoint for business partners wishing to transfer data to yourselves; we forward the data to you following conversion (where necessary) or a plausibility check.

Data that you send to your business partners is sent to us first, converted and forwarded to your customers (or held for collection by your customers).

A sophisticated authorisation and role system makes it possible to assign various tasks to internal users. You can assign purely monitoring rights, for example, configuration rights at the next level and, in the final instance, developer rights for mapping and workflow adaptations. Predefined roles or user rights can be applied, while your own definitions facilitate fine gradations and combinations in the granting of authorisation.


Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive, independent EDI system with unbeatable cost-benefit ratio
  • No maintenance charges
  • Complete cost control
  • Failsafe operation
  • Focus on your core business
  • Security: depend on our 15 years of experience and know-how in the EDI field


24/7 Service

Because we are well aware of the importance of efficient data exchange processes in your everyday business, we offer a service level agreement (SLA) under which we are available for you 24 hours, seven days a week.

Development of guidelines

We will be happy to assist you with the development of interface -guidelines. These enables you to define detailed EDI data formats for your business partners. In addition a comprehensive export for distribution to your business partners is possible – the path to error-free communication is paved!

Additionally, test messages for your EDI partners can be reconciled with these guidelines. We can also provide a structural description of message formats for import into specified converters such as Microsoft BizTalk and Seeburger BIC.

Development of guidelines


Process development/-optimization

Based on previously implemented projects, we are highly experienced in handling various ERP systems, message structures and a variety of other systems and techniques.

We will thus be pleased to support you in advance of process development or in the joint optimization of existing processes. We guarantee efficient, effective and individual implementation of your data exchange processes.


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