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map7 Consulting is a specialist in the areas of EDI and EAI. We connect business partners and integrate processes and data. With flexible and individual services, we bring about long-term improvements to external and internal processes, increase the efficiency of day-to-day tasks and cut costs.

Who is map7 consulting?

The core business of map7 Consulting is flexible and individual process improvement. Since the company’s founding we have successfully completed many projects in the commercial, automotive and logistics sectors. Our focus is on data exchange between business partners (EDI /B2B) employing various ERP systems (SAP, SD, Wamas, Sherpa, Seeburger interfaces).

Projects have already been implemented both for SMEs and large international corporations. The main task thereby was the analysis of processes and their graphical representation, as well as the provision of goal-oriented solutions for complex business processes.

map7 Consulting is thus your partner for successful implementation of EDI, B2B and EAI projects within Austria and the EU. Our range of services is rounded off by data exchange processes of in-house applications and their automation.


Having gained extensive experience as an EDI consultant, Christoph Rachlinger established map7 Consulting e.U. in 2010. The company's name alludes to several meanings. 'Map', for example, echoes 'mapping' (a regulation for converting messages), a common term in the EDI environment; map in the sense of 'atlas' also expresses an international dimension when linked to the '7'. Today, map7 is indeed active on almost every continent through various client projects.
On the basis of sure and steady expansion, map7 Consulting e.U. now comprises a seven-strong team and operates out of spacious offices at the WDZ7 in Wels.
Over recent years technical know-how, a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction and wide-ranging service elements have secured large numbers of regular clients while attracting many new customers. Find out more here

Our philosophy

Our aim is to increase the efficiency of your business processes. Depending on the situation and customer-specific environment we integrate, optimize and replace processes.

We attach utmost importance to customer satisfaction and top quality performance, offering 24/7 service and working exclusively with software products of well-known manufacturers.



Our services are focused on EDI and EAI. In this way we support the exchange of business documents (orders, invoices, delivery notes and so on) for clients in particular. To ensure documents can be exchanged with maximum security, we perform all tasks from connecting to adaptations of various kinds.

Through our range of services for the EAI area , we facilitate smooth internal flows of information. Data and processes from various applications and locations are incorporated into a single IT infrastructure.

Here you can discover more about our various service areas or contact us directly.


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Automotive Cluster

Automotive Cluster

Connecting more than 200 partner companies, the Automotive Cluster Upper Austria constitutes the largest automotive network in Austria

Health Technology Cluster

Health Technology Cluster

The Health Technology Cluster (GC) is a network, spanning a number of business sectors, for strengthening the innovative capacity and international competitiveness of companies in medical technology, and of their suppliers and relevant institutions involved in educational and technology transfer.

IT Cluster

IT Cluster

The goal of the IT cluster is to increase the competitiveness of its partner companies, empowering them Innovation through the development of key skills and the initiation of cooperative projects. To achieve this goal, strengthening the cooperation of partner companies and R & D facilities a central role.

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The Plastics-Cluster (KC) is a superordinated, plastics sector network. It supports, initiates and coordinates inter-company teamwork, as well as cooperation between companies and technology trasfer bodies in the plastics sector.

Furniture and Timber Construction Cluster

Furniture and Timber Construction Cluster

The MHC is a neutral and independent network with negotiating, coordinating and accelerating functions as well as starting up and sparking off innovative ideas. Through these activities individuals as well as cooperative companies profit as well as the furniture and timber construction branch concentrated in Upper Austria.

Economic Chamber for Upper Austria

Economic Chamber for Upper Austria

Information and Consulting division, Management Consultancy and Information Technology group


map7 Consulting e. U.

Maria Theresia Straße 51
A-4600 Wels
 +43 (0) 7242 890129

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