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In this age of modern information and communication technologies, more and more companies are turning to EDI. EDI has now emerged as the standard for electronic document exchanges; in many sectors, the use of EDI is actually a precondition in establishing a business relationship.

map7 Consulting has completed projects in various sectors (including the trade sector, logistics, automotive, telecommunications, paper and industry) and for national and international businesses of various sizes.

EDI, and thus the services of map7 Consulting, are mainly relevant to companies that exchange business documents with many trading partners every day (orders, delivery notes, invoices and so on). In this area in particular, EDI can bring about massive cost savings through automation and prompt processing.

map7 Consulting has the resources and the know-how to manage existing EDI systems (connecting business partners, enabling continual development, fault elimination, etc.). Naturally, we also assist you in your EDI implementation projects. From process optimisation and implementation to connecting partners and compiling guidelines, the map7 Consulting team delivers all EDI services from a single source.

Customer benefits

Cost savings

The use of EDI is known to bring about considerable cost savings. According to recent studies, for example, EDI costs just one third of the paper version; transactions that take around five days using hard copies take less than an hour with EDI. Staff are also free to focus on demanding tasks, which means a more efficient use of resources.

map7 Consulting supports you in the realisation of your EDI project, highlighting further potential savings through process optimisation and helping you achieve the greatest possible cost reductions by means of EDI.

Strategic advantages

Processing business documents without delay leads to faster deliveries, up-to-the-minute stock levels and fewer cancellations. This raises customer satisfaction levels and generates more business potential for you. The shorter processing time between the order and the invoice can also improve cash flow.

This is another area in which you can take advantage of the experience and expertise of map7. Through joint projects, we will demonstrate the potential as we take the appropriate steps in partnership.

Service and quality

Quality and service are top priorities for the map7 team. On every project, precise analysis and detailed planning are your guarantees of a successful outcome. Experience, know-how and flexibility are yet more reasons to choose map7 Consulting.


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